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The Odyssey Wedding: Tracie & Walter

It’s such a beautiful thing to shoot a wedding on a glorious day. But it makes it even more special to shoot the wedding of a childhood friend. Tracie and Walter were both bubbling with excitement on their magical day. Tracie was talking a mile a minute and all her beautiful friends surrounded her with love and just let her go!  Everything was perfect not to mention no one got motion sickness on the boat..go figure. What a beautiful wedding and I am just glad I could take part in it with my beautiful friend.

Here’s to you Tracie and Walter!

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The Willard Hotel Wedding | Sargene + Del

A little over a week ago I had the pleasure of capturing the love between Del and Sargene on their wedding day. The moment I saw these two I knew they were in love.  The best part was just hearing their friends and family speak so highly of them as a couple. Just melted my heart away. They are a true testament to what real love is. On her wedding say Sargene was just as cool as a cucumber and who wouldn’t be knowing that in moments she was about to start a life with such a wonderful man like Del. No wonder they put together such a romantic wedding. With the help of the wonderful Christine Godsey from Engaging Affairs this wedding was truly magical.

Sargene and Del, thank so much for inviting us into your world to document the love you two share. I look forward to capturing your family grow.

Shoes were hot fire!

She’s such a beauty!

Showing mom the watch Del gave her as her wedding gift.

Look at the smile on his face!

I love harps at weddings or anywhere for that matter!

Love getting the sneaky shots.

Cirque-style performers, ribbon dancers and living statues provided by Cast of Thousands.

Great way to end a night!

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Erica + Aaron | Four Oaks Manor Wedding | Buford, GA

These two truly lived out the theme of their wedding. Love birds. It was such a beautiful day for a wedding. I was so honored and thrilled to be able to once again capture their love and witness this union amongst their loving friends and family. I just knew from the story that they told at their engagement session that the wedding was going to be the most beautiful chapter in their love book. They went beyond my expectations. So, Erica and Aaron I look forward to being there to capture more stories in your love book. Hugs and Kisses!

The dress was pure hottness!

This was genius! You can tell she loves books!

What a cutie pie.

Nothing like your girls to have your back!

Such an emotional speech. Beautiful.

They LIVE happily ever after.

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Attention iPhone users!

You are part of a special elite crew. You are special…why…because you own an iPhone and we all know when you own an iPhone you must be a very very special person.  Hee HEE. Here at The Captured Life are doing a new thing. For those of you who are asking.."Hmph, what's so special about an iPhone. It's just another fancy phone." But can your "phone" play your special TCL video storybook…hmmmm.

For all our iPhone users we are now offering your special video storybook for your iPhone. What's better than to have your treasured slideshow from your most precious moment on you at all times to share with friends and family. If you want to get your hands on this goodie please shoot me an email or call the studio to find out more details.  Here is one beautiful video storybook from a recent wedding we had. Nickia and Lawrence…yours is on it's way!

P.S. they also can be formatted for your iPod or iPod touch but iPhones are so much cooler:-)

Lawrence and Nickia

Crazy In Love

These two love birds are so adorable.  I always say that the truth about relationships can be told in a photo session.  You can "say" how much you love someone, but the camera lens doesn't lie.  If the love is there it will show in the interaction of the couple.  It was apparent from the time we met these two that love was in the air.  In addition to that, we had constant comedic entertainment from the groom himself.  Cas you definitely missed your calling as a comedian.  Hilarious!  Thanks to the both of you for allowing us to capture one of the most important days of your lives.  We know your images will be ones for you to enjoy for many years to come.  Congratulations to Cas & Sheryl.  Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon!!!  Here's a sneak peek of your beautiful wedding day!

View their visual storybook by clicking here.

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View their visual storybook by clicking here.