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Love is in the air | Washington, DC Newborn Photographer

When I first met this couple to do their maternity shoot I knew I was in for a treat so when they said they wanted newborn photos as well I felt like I just got a 2 scoop cone from Bawskin Robbins. Their love for each other is so evident from the moment you meet them. Like too teenagers in love not to mention they still look like teenagers. When Baby Madison arrived it was love at first sight. I throughly enjoyed capturing their love fest. Thank you for welcoming me in and I look forward to capturing Madison’s 1st year of life

She is definately daddies little princess.

To see more of Miss Madison click here

Haiti WILL Rise Again

I was so honored not more than a month ago to travel to Haiti and
photograph a beautiful Christening. But while I was there I was able to
see the sights and see what Haiti was all about. What I came to find
out is it’s not as fearful as people made it seem. I wasn’t scared for
my life and I felt at peace. Although it is said to be the poorest
country in the Western Hemisphere I tell you one thing, it was wealthy
with treasured culture and beautiful people.

I was relieved to know that my new found family in Haiti are ok after experiencing not only the earthquake but the many many aftershocks as well as the most recent earthquake of 6.0 just this morning and
eager to help them as they help the people there who were deeply
affected by this tragedy.

Seeing all the
tragic pictures lately on the news and the net after the devastating
earthquake has made me pull out my own memories of the Haiti I came to
know and love. I know one thing, God is awesome and I pray for all the
families and friends who were affected by this earthquake in anyway. I
do know this, Haiti WILL rise out of this tragedy.

Let’s not stop praying and helping any way we can to rebuild Haiti to even better and stronger than it was before. Please help
Haiti in their time of need. You can donate $5 by texting YELE to
501501 or get more info by visiting



Here is a little show from my journey through this beautiful country.

Happy New Year!

Hello good peeps! I hope that you all had a fabulously safe New Year.
2009 was an absolute blast here at the Captured Life and I just want to
thank all of our clients for making it the best! Here is a little token
of my appreciation to thank you all and I look forward to what the
fantastic moments I'll get to capture with you in 2010!

The joys of being 10

So over the weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating my one and only baby girl's 10th birthday. Such a joy to look back and see how God has turned her into this beautiful, strong, smart wonderful girl. Part of tradition is that we always do a photo shoot on the kids birthday's but this Saturday it was POURING. I mean raining cats and puppy dogs so I knew there was no way she would want to do the shoot in this weather. Uh UH! Miss thing had her outfit laid out and ready to go. Rain or shine we were going to shoot! So I do what any good mother would do…. I get my big umbrella and off we go to play in the rain.

Happy birthday my beautiful baby!


Can't get this pesky umbrella together!


Forget it who needs an umbrella when you have liquid sunshine!






These boots were made for walking….in the RAIN!



Featured on Blogs of Photogs!

I'm so excited. To wake up and see this was absolutely amazing! I follow Blogs of Photogs religiously and always love looking at all the inspiring and fresh photography out there which ranges from everything from weddings to pets. But to see my very own blog there made me drop my mouth to the floor. To be included with such amazing awe inspiring photographers from around the world is phenomenal and I am eternally grateful. Not to mention the hours of time Mary spends finding the best of the best in which I am truly appreciative for. So go check it out..leave a comment…do a happy dance! Click here to see the post

Also if you enjoy viewing daily eyecandy subscribe to her blog and be a junkie like myself! It's a great start for the day.

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