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Fall Mini Sessions 2012 ~ Old Town, VA: Sibling Love

These two were ready from the start. The moment I set my camera eyeball on these little cuties it was such a pleasure! They truly performed for my camera and I enjoyed every moment.

Joys of the First Child

So you know how it is. The first child gets all the good stuff. The first birthday blow out with clowns and face painting and the works. All the best toys. Can’t forget all the best clothes and shoes a baby would ever need. So needless to say the first child is usually spoiled rotten. Come on, we all know it. By the time the third one gets here you’re all worn out from parties and games and can’t look at another pair of sneakers that he gets a little short changed (sorry my Isaiah but you know mommy loves you:-()

So I have been shooting this first born since birth and he has had more photo shoots than most adults have had in their lifetime. Mommy loves her nu nu butt! So I just knew his one year old shoot was going to be outta this world. When mommy walked in with the first bag and then went back to the car for his second bag I knew we were in for a baby fashion show and boy did this little model know how to work a runway. Love you Kyri! Here’s to your first birthday! You can look back at these photos when you get older and say, “I had mad baby swagger. WHAT!”

So you know when the shoe box stash looks like this it’s about to be ON! He even thought it was funny!

He looks like he’s saying “What in the world am I doing in here???”

Disclaimer: No baby was hurt in the making of this photograph. He’s a trooper!

Little old man.

Even though mommy refused to be in any photos I snuck her in. Love this shot awwwwww!

Don’t touch my lollipop!

So good to know he loves himself!

Growing up is so much fun!

I had the pleasure of photographing this little one when he was days old and I love to see them at 1 and they are on big boy status. Mr. Independent he is. I just couldn't keep up with him. He's not even one yet but in his own mind he is far beyond it! 

Thanks mom for allowing me once again to have a playdate with your baby boy…Oops I mean your BIG boy!  Here's to the big 1.

This is him as a newbie


Check him out now!


Penny for your thought?




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