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Who let the dog out!

Although this is not an actual "child", this is SOMEone’s kid!  Aaren is the kid of my friend Nicole and I wanted to see how different it is to shoot a dog from shooting kids so we went on a little walk.  Couldn’t be that much different right. They both do what they want to do no matter whether you’re trying to get them to sit still and smile so you really just have to let them go and do them.  That is exactly what Aaren did.  She is such a shutter bug.  She did things that her mommy said she never does and all for me.  I mean that is what kids usually do anyway when they get around me and my camera…they totally turn it up a notch because they know they are going to be stars!  So enjoy this episode about the kid called Aaren (yes, she is a girl!). Don’t worry friends…we will not run off and become pet photos r us or anything but I will say Aaren was a lot of fun..and so were you Nicole!










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