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Danni | When the photographer gets shot!

I have known Danni of DFinney Photography for quite some time and I have to admit, when she first approached me about us shooting one another I was a bit nervous. I mean come on, what photographer LIKES to be photographed. That is the reason we stay on the other side of the lens. HELLO! But I am so glad that we followed through with it. We had a spectacular time. I must say that I have truly enjoyed watching her grow into a phenomenal photographer.

I took this urban photographer out of her comfort zone a bit and I am so glad I did. I wanted to tell a story with those beautiful eyes of hers and by golly I think the story was TOLD. Love ya Danni!

To see more of the fun we had, feel free to click here for the slideshow.

Sick..Who me!

So this is the story of my life right now. I mean I have not been THIS sick in a long, long time so I guess it hit me all at once. BOOOO! So to all my clients and friends who have been giving me great remedies (in which I have tried them all, esp the whiskey!) thank you and hopefully I will be back in stride again in a couple of days!

Dear Mr. Blog, I’m back!

Yes I know I have been away for far too long but all for good reason! It has been extremely busy at TCL during these summer months and had to take a blog break but I am happy to say I came with candy for the blog filled with purty photographs! YAY!

So there will be a lot of updates not in any type of order I must say so bear with me now! I’ll start off with an awesome trip to Miami where I was indulged with loveliness but the most awesome Beth Jansen. 2 days of learning and taking awesome photos in a beautiful city like Miami! What more could a girl ask for. I was able to meet some fabulous ladies and we just had a ball sharing and learning with Beth. It was an experience way beyond my expectations. Here are are few captures from our workshop and some fun flicks from Miami Baby!

Bienvenidos a Miami!

Flickin in front of the late Gianni Versace’s mansion.

This little lady kept me on my toes!

A girl must laugh with glee when she see’s non other than the Christian Louboutin store!

Who else but Beth can rock a Valentino handbag while shooting a fabulous little girl!

This little beauty belonged to our wonderful host in Miami. Natalie‘s little doll is scrumptious!

This little newborn was the most peaceful I’ve seen. Slept the entire time!That’s it for now! More coming up Mr. Blog!

The Photographer’s Kids

So the kids had an awesome experience being photographed by the queen of color Beth Jansen. I had an awesome experience just watching it all unfold. We had a ball and I was nearly in tears watching my kids enjoy one another and at sometimes fight a little. I mean what’s a family photo shoot without the occasional pushing and shoving match! I had to resist the urge of saying “Smile” a few times but it all worked out. All the things I try to keep my clients from doing, I was guilty of! Shoot me!  Best of all we ended the session with Mommy’s favorite Georgetown Cupcake!

As it was a truly scorching day I learned my lesson from before and this time and brought plenty of water and snacks and towels to keep them dry. I am so blessed to have had my family photographed by not one by two amazing photographers this year. So this should last us another 10 years (since that will probably be the next time we come together again to take photos.LOL) Thanks again Beth!

The photographer gets photographed

So just yesterday me and my wonderfully eclectic family took family portraits. It’s been 8 years since we took a family portrait and when I won a contest with photographer extraordinaire Jatawny I couldn’t wait! So I have been preparing for months on what we were going to wear and the look we were going for and it all came to life yesterday. It was an awesome experience.  Jatawny is a wonderful and amazing commercial photographer and the contest I won was for her other business which is Kenichi Skya portrais. One thing I will not forget is when she asked me “Do you want Jatawny Vision or Kenichi SKya?’ I knew I wanted Jateany Vision because my vision was that this would be a Vogue Family type of shoot. I wanted to see these images in Vogue Child magazine or something, so that’s exactly what she did with a little bit of Kenichi Skya thrown in the mix to capture the realness which is my family.  I I felt like a celebrity. In my fancy gown with the beat down ice house as our back drop. It was magical! As a photographer naturally my children will smile and pose for the camera right. NOT!  But overall they did well and worked it out!

I learned so many lessons from this shoot that I would like to pass on to my clients. If you are preparing for a family session or any session for that matter remember these things.

  1. Have a vision for your shoot and carry it out. Know that as a photographer we only can shoot what we see in front of us. We can provide helpful input as far as locations and what you SHOULD wear but only you know your familes STYLE. Yeah, it’s easy to put on jeans and matching t shirts and take a photo. But To set your mind on a vision on how you want your portrait to look takes time, energy and MONEY! But in the end, the photograph captures who you really are and will last forever!
  2. If you are preparing for a creative shoot, prepare well in advance. I swear I planned what we would wear at least 3 months before the shoot. From head to toe. I had a vision and even consulted stylists and designers for helpful input. Who knows, we may not take another family photo in another 8 years so I wanted this one to be HOT! Literally. LOL
  3. Have your family well fed before the shoot. Full bellies makes happy kids and no complaints of being hungry.
  4. Schedule your make up session 2 hours before your session, then you will not need to rush and think you forgot something…like a kid!
  5. If you are going to be outside in a all black dress and kids with long sleeves in 90 degree weather bring plenty of COLD water. Nothing like a kid complaining of heat and squinting their eyes of frustration.
  6. Last but not least… HAVE FUN! With all these things above being complete, you have no other choice!

Edited to add: For the under 4 crowd I generally try to schedule those shoots after their afternoon nap. I have come to find that it really helps maximize the smiles when they are well rested.(jaime patterson thanks!)

On another note, now being on the other side of the lens I can now feel the things my clients go through in preparing for their session and waiting for the results. So as a result I will attempt help you out in the following.

  1. Put up sneak peeks sooner. I tell you the anticipation of waiting to see what they look like was a killer! I as so grateful that Jatawny put at leat ONE image up to ease that pain of “How do they LOOK!” So I will help you guys out too. Expect sneak peeks much much sooner!
  2. I will bring some goodies of my own just in case you forgot the water and the snacks. It’ll get the kids to like me better anyway. LOL!
  3. I will work more with you guys to truly bring that vision out and create a unique portrait that you will cherish FOREVER. No two famiuly portraits will be alike a The Captured Life. But that means you as the client have to be free enough to take those suggestions and run with them and make them your own which requires some time and energy and oh by the was a little bit of dough! Don’t be afraid to take a risk!

So here’s to my eclectic family portraits! I can say this one alone will be a 30×24 on my gallery wall! More to come and I can’t wait! The suspense is killing me!