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Little Lady

I had such a pleasure to photograph this little princess. Being the only girl with two big brothers you must know she will spoiled for life!


All Smiles – Upper Marlboro, MD Newborn Photographer

We were “Waiting for Kingston” not too long ago and now the King is HERE! This little bundle of joy was all smiles. He was so peaceful during his entire shoot. I think he wins the record for shortest newborn session with no tears (from him or me)! I had an awesome time with him. Thanks for sharing him with me mom!

Real Life Cabbage Patch Doll | Upper Marlboro, MD Newborn Photographer

Recently I had the chance to photograph a real life Cabbage Patch Kid. Oh I am so serious. To the point when I undressed her to put her in my baby basket I had to check to see if Xavier Roberts was indeed scribbled on her buns.  But fortunately it wasn’t. She was so scrumptious and delicious and oh so much fun. So alert for a newborn she fell in love with me at first sight as I did her. So in love that she felt comfortable peeing in my hand. Comes with the job I guess.

Mom, thanks so much for trusting me with your living doll. It was truly an honor and a treat!

Another cutie is born.

When I heard that Mr. Caleb (our banner boy) was going to be a big brother I was thrilled! Oh boy, I was gonna be an Auntie again! Yes, Caleb has adopted me as his Auntie from day one! So when I saw the new bundle of yumminess I just knew I was in for a treat and baby Ezzy did not dissapoint. Oh and he also came along with a even more marvelous family! Thank you guys for such a wonderful time…AGAIN!

Hmmm, Mr. Caleb wonders about this big brother business!

With a baby brother this cute who could resist!

Yeah they had some Smurf action in there forest, I mean backyard! LOL.

This is how it all began. Love you guys!

To see more of Caleb and Ezzy’s family,  please feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

The Captured Life Gift Certificates

So I got a call from an excited sister/friend of an expectant mother. She wanted to get her something special. Something she wouldn’t get for herself. So she wanted to surprise her with a maternity/newborn session. She wanted her unborn neice/nephew to have the “best of the best” and most of all for her sister/friend to be thouroughly surprised with this out of the box gift! I thought it was a great idea and since she is on the west coast and couldn’t hand deliver the gift to her sister/friend I wanted to package it perfectly for her. So I went back into my scrapbooking days and had a fun time doing it and here is what I came up with!

So ladies and gents, if you would like to get an out of the box creative gift for an expectant mother or anyone for that matter, contact me and I have some options for you. I guarantee they will LOVE IT! A gift that lasts for lifetimes to come.