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Upper Marlboro, MD Maternity Photographer

It was a gorgeous day for a maternity session and these two came well prepared. We had a ball. Dad had me rolling most of the time. I can’t wait to meet the little one and especially to find out if it’s a boy or a girl!!

Fall mini sessions 2012: And baby makes four

I always have a ball photographing the Jacksons! Last time I took this cute couple’s family photo they had one baby named Jackson, who walks on all fours and has an incredible head of hair! I hope Jackson won’t mind this new bundle of love that will soon be moving in. Daddy, I promise next time you can wear your suave suit (wink)!

Shawnita + Bobby + Baby Ninja

I had such a ball with these two..I mean three. Usually it takes awhile for daddy to get warmed up to all this photo shoot “stuff” but this daddy was a natural comedian. But I was time enough for HIM! Yes indeed! Baby Ninja (their name not mine lol) is going to have a belly full of laughs coming outta the womb I tell ya. But it was great because they were down to try ANYTHING, even running back and forth from the middle of the road dodging traffic just to get a shot in front of a funky bridge. Gotta love em!  I wonder how they’re gonna react when I tell them I want to put Baby Ninja in a crate and shoot him/her in front of that same bridge. LOL I’m…JUST…SERIOUS!

Thanks Bobbaaaayyy and Shawnita for trusting me with your memories. Can’t wait to meet your Baby Ninja!

To see more of this dynamic duo click here for the slideshow!

The Captured Life Gift Certificates

So I got a call from an excited sister/friend of an expectant mother. She wanted to get her something special. Something she wouldn’t get for herself. So she wanted to surprise her with a maternity/newborn session. She wanted her unborn neice/nephew to have the “best of the best” and most of all for her sister/friend to be thouroughly surprised with this out of the box gift! I thought it was a great idea and since she is on the west coast and couldn’t hand deliver the gift to her sister/friend I wanted to package it perfectly for her. So I went back into my scrapbooking days and had a fun time doing it and here is what I came up with!

So ladies and gents, if you would like to get an out of the box creative gift for an expectant mother or anyone for that matter, contact me and I have some options for you. I guarantee they will LOVE IT! A gift that lasts for lifetimes to come.

Yummy Albums

I love getting albums back from the printer. I sniff the leather albums like a new coat and relive those moments all over again. I try not to hold them hostage so my clients can enjoy then as much as I do. Here are some that came in recently. Oh boy I love what I do.

Lovely 10×10 wedding album, smells like a new leather coat. YuM!

These two were so much fun!

I LOOOOOOVE this page!

This coffe table book (10×10) was a lot of fun. Love it when mommies combine the belly and the baby to tell the entire story!