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Danni | When the photographer gets shot!

I have known Danni of DFinney Photography for quite some time and I have to admit, when she first approached me about us shooting one another I was a bit nervous. I mean come on, what photographer LIKES to be photographed. That is the reason we stay on the other side of the lens. HELLO! But I am so glad that we followed through with it. We had a spectacular time. I must say that I have truly enjoyed watching her grow into a phenomenal photographer.

I took this urban photographer out of her comfort zone a bit and I am so glad I did. I wanted to tell a story with those beautiful eyes of hers and by golly I think the story was TOLD. Love ya Danni!

To see more of the fun we had, feel free to click here for the slideshow.

Fall Mini Sessions 2012 ~ Old Town, VA: Foxy Brown!

This foxy lady is truly living the life. She sure makes growing older look so good. It was such a pleasure to photograph her on her birthday. She had a ball and so did I!

Grown Women | Washington, DC Family Photographer

I had the honor and privilege of photographing these lovely ladies recently. They came to show and prove that you don’t have to have any reason to take photgraphs other than just being foxy and fabulous. They sure proved it and to top it all off did it in the freezing cold with tons of snow on the ground.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful funky fresh time!

Celebrating You: Patricia

Now here is the beautiful Patricia celebrating fabulouly 40!

Celebrating You: Notashia

Ms. Notashia is celebrating being 30 as well!

To see more of Notashia’s slideshow click below.