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Love in the Air | Reston,VA Engagement Photographer

I had so much fun with these two. I mean from the time they opened the door I was just a snappin. You could just feel the love energy pouring outta them. It was sucha pleasure. Not only that, but I had never shot at this location before so it was fun finding yummy light in cool spots to accentuate their outpouring of love onto one another.  So we hopped from location to location and the love fest never stopped. Thanks you two lovebirds, cupid would be proud!

Can’t wait for the I do’s | Washington DC Engagement Photographer

From the moment I met these two I could tell they were IN LOVE! From the way they laughed together and the way he looked at her it made me want to go grab my husband and give him a big fat smooch! I love to see couples in love which is why I love what I do.Not to mention they brought there model game to the shoot so we had a bunch of fun!

Thanks Makesi and Ashley for bringing your A game! Can’t wait for the I do’s!

He just couldn’t keep his eyes or his hands off of her! So saweet!

Ahhhh love this one!

Work it people! Work it!

Can you say shoe game on…Elvis would be proud!

Beautiful way to end it!

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Love and Marriage

They have been together for over 10 years. Through thick and thin they have remained above all things…FRIENDS. not just any ol kind of friend but BFF's for life. The way he looks at her and she laughs, the way she touches his cheek and he grins. The little inside jokes that they would say to one another with only their eyes. Wow, that's what love is.

As I was going through my digital frames I couldn't figure out why I took so many photos of these two.  Come on, it's just an engagement session right. I mean double the normal amount. WHEW! Then it dawned on me. In just the few hours that we spent together they took me through the life cycle of a marriage relationship. From courtship, to the blissful I Do's, to the challenging times to come back again and laugh again. Even to the point of growing old together. I saw all of this in each frame that I shot of them. It was like the grew old together right before my eyes. I just love photo stories and I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I did.

Arron and Erika, it is my pleasure to watch you guys through my lens and I cannot WAIT to capture your wedding but most of all I can't wait to capture your 50th wedding anniversary with all of your kids and grand kids all around. Can you feel the love?

Boy meets girl…


He makes her laugh…


She says YES!


They plan their future together as man and wife…


They experience challenges together…and yet they stand



Only to relish in the joys of life…with one another…


She is his African Queen….


And he is her King…


Together they will reign as one. A&E forever eva.


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Oh what a wonderful day…

Staying true to my promise to Mr. Blog I have 5 minutes to make good and do my daily blog post. So Mr. Blog, get ready for a double post!  I had two super duper fun shoots today. One engagement and a soon to be one year old. Oh my my my did the sun kick my butt but it was so worth it! This couple was too much fun and up to try anything. We rode around the arboretum in search for super cool spots and boy did we find some gems. So hear is a sneaky peeky from today.




Bling bling!


Reflections, she loves the water!



Engagement Shoot: Rain or Shine!

So this couple came over and were determined. The rain was threatening but hey I'm up for anything! We started out indoors and they didn't take long to warm up AT ALL! You would think I had staged these photos but their love is so genuine that is cannot be manufactured. I had so much fun with these two. SO down to earth and just REAL! Then we headed outside. Everything was nice and DRY and al of a sudden the clouds opened up and the buckets started to pour. But have no fear, we were ready for it, umbrellas out the show must go on and boy did it. I enjoy the rain and I had such a ball shooting in it and it was truly evident that they didn't have a problem with it.

Leslie and Garcene, thanks so much for sharing your joy and being so willing to try anything for the shot! Can't wait for the wedding! Here we go!
















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