Monthly Archives: April 2011

Shawnita + Bobby + Baby Ninja

I had such a ball with these two..I mean three. Usually it takes awhile for daddy to get warmed up to all this photo shoot “stuff” but this daddy was a natural comedian. But I was time enough for HIM! Yes indeed! Baby Ninja (their name not mine lol) is going to have a belly full of laughs coming outta the womb I tell ya. But it was great because they were down to try ANYTHING, even running back and forth from the middle of the road dodging traffic just to get a shot in front of a funky bridge. Gotta love em!  I wonder how they’re gonna react when I tell them I want to put Baby Ninja in a crate and shoot him/her in front of that same bridge. LOL I’m…JUST…SERIOUS!

Thanks Bobbaaaayyy and Shawnita for trusting me with your memories. Can’t wait to meet your Baby Ninja!

To see more of this dynamic duo click here for the slideshow!

Fly family times

I just love this family. Every time I see the girls I know I am in for a treat, so when I finally got the opportunity to photograph mom and dad I knew it was gonna be  an even greater time! Boy was I not disappointed. This family had so much flava and coolness I didn’t want it to end. They were down for anything, even creepy barns that looked like Norman Bates and his mama lived in the house on the hill. But it was all worth it. I swear if Vogue had a family issue they would make the cover.

Thanks Roberts fam for making our time together so much fun and making me turn my swag game up a notch or three! Love ya!

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