Monthly Archives: February 2011

Look who’s growing up | Upper Marlboro, MD Baby Photographer

The last time I saw this little doll we were celebrating Independence Day and now she is truly showing her independence. She just couldn’t keep still. Had to show me how fast she could crawl away from me or towards me to grab my camera. Then she just had to show off and show me how she could pull up on furniture and walk around if she wanted to. Such a show off:-)Thanks for coming to visit me again mommy and little “R”. Next time I see you I’m sure I will be chasing YOU through the park with my camera!

Grown Women | Washington, DC Family Photographer

I had the honor and privilege of photographing these lovely ladies recently. They came to show and prove that you don’t have to have any reason to take photgraphs other than just being foxy and fabulous. They sure proved it and to top it all off did it in the freezing cold with tons of snow on the ground.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful funky fresh time!