Monthly Archives: September 2010

Another cutie is born.

When I heard that Mr. Caleb (our banner boy) was going to be a big brother I was thrilled! Oh boy, I was gonna be an Auntie again! Yes, Caleb has adopted me as his Auntie from day one! So when I saw the new bundle of yumminess I just knew I was in for a treat and baby Ezzy did not dissapoint. Oh and he also came along with a even more marvelous family! Thank you guys for such a wonderful time…AGAIN!

Hmmm, Mr. Caleb wonders about this big brother business!

With a baby brother this cute who could resist!

Yeah they had some Smurf action in there forest, I mean backyard! LOL.

This is how it all began. Love you guys!

To see more of Caleb and Ezzy’s family,  please feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

Sick..Who me!

So this is the story of my life right now. I mean I have not been THIS sick in a long, long time so I guess it hit me all at once. BOOOO! So to all my clients and friends who have been giving me great remedies (in which I have tried them all, esp the whiskey!) thank you and hopefully I will be back in stride again in a couple of days!