Monthly Archives: August 2010

Dear Mr. Blog, I’m back!

Yes I know I have been away for far too long but all for good reason! It has been extremely busy at TCL during these summer months and had to take a blog break but I am happy to say I came with candy for the blog filled with purty photographs! YAY!

So there will be a lot of updates not in any type of order I must say so bear with me now! I’ll start off with an awesome trip to Miami where I was indulged with loveliness but the most awesome Beth Jansen. 2 days of learning and taking awesome photos in a beautiful city like Miami! What more could a girl ask for. I was able to meet some fabulous ladies and we just had a ball sharing and learning with Beth. It was an experience way beyond my expectations. Here are are few captures from our workshop and some fun flicks from Miami Baby!

Bienvenidos a Miami!

Flickin in front of the late Gianni Versace’s mansion.

This little lady kept me on my toes!

A girl must laugh with glee when she see’s non other than the Christian Louboutin store!

Who else but Beth can rock a Valentino handbag while shooting a fabulous little girl!

This little beauty belonged to our wonderful host in Miami. Natalie‘s little doll is scrumptious!

This little newborn was the most peaceful I’ve seen. Slept the entire time!That’s it for now! More coming up Mr. Blog!