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Erica + Aaron | Four Oaks Manor Wedding | Buford, GA

These two truly lived out the theme of their wedding. Love birds. It was such a beautiful day for a wedding. I was so honored and thrilled to be able to once again capture their love and witness this union amongst their loving friends and family. I just knew from the story that they told at their engagement session that the wedding was going to be the most beautiful chapter in their love book. They went beyond my expectations. So, Erica and Aaron I look forward to being there to capture more stories in your love book. Hugs and Kisses!

The dress was pure hottness!

This was genius! You can tell she loves books!

What a cutie pie.

Nothing like your girls to have your back!

Such an emotional speech. Beautiful.

They LIVE happily ever after.

To view more of theire love story click here for the slideshow.

Groovilicious 34th Birthday!

So last week I celebrated 34 years of life on this earth. I was overwhelmed by all the FAcebook and Twitter love! I ate all week until my heart was content and ODed on cupcakes! Literally! Continuing with yearly tradition, I got in front of the camera and took some fun photos! My darling daughter did the honors of being my photographer.  I am so grateful to God for allowing me such a glorious 34 years and wonderful family and friends to share it with. Happy Birthday to me!

My photographer searching for good light I guess. LOL!

Was probably thinking, “why did this girl put me under this tree?”

DId I forget to mention it was raining! I LOVE THE RAIN!

My favorite shoes of all time!To see more of my shoot click here for a slideshow

Love in the Air | Reston,VA Engagement Photographer

I had so much fun with these two. I mean from the time they opened the door I was just a snappin. You could just feel the love energy pouring outta them. It was sucha pleasure. Not only that, but I had never shot at this location before so it was fun finding yummy light in cool spots to accentuate their outpouring of love onto one another.  So we hopped from location to location and the love fest never stopped. Thanks you two lovebirds, cupid would be proud!

The Captured Life Gift Certificates

So I got a call from an excited sister/friend of an expectant mother. She wanted to get her something special. Something she wouldn’t get for herself. So she wanted to surprise her with a maternity/newborn session. She wanted her unborn neice/nephew to have the “best of the best” and most of all for her sister/friend to be thouroughly surprised with this out of the box gift! I thought it was a great idea and since she is on the west coast and couldn’t hand deliver the gift to her sister/friend I wanted to package it perfectly for her. So I went back into my scrapbooking days and had a fun time doing it and here is what I came up with!

So ladies and gents, if you would like to get an out of the box creative gift for an expectant mother or anyone for that matter, contact me and I have some options for you. I guarantee they will LOVE IT! A gift that lasts for lifetimes to come.

She just can’t stop smiling | Upper Marlboro, MD Baby Photographer

When this little ball of sunshine came to the studio I just knew I was in for a treat. The moment we met she greated me with the biggest grin as if to say “Ared you ready for this!” Boy or boy I never knew someone with such short legs could make me sweat and run and play so hard. We had a lot of fun and I think by the time she left we were both ready for a nap.

Thanks mommy for letting me hold some of that joy!

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