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All things yellow and gray or is it grey?

So lately I have had this fascination with gray that was until i saw this lovely pillow in Target.

That is when the yellow and gray transformation began! The yellow added to the gray mad a pop, a bang a sizzle! I was in love. My entire room was then transformed. Then the light bulb came on, hmm I wonder if I could wear gray and yellow all spring summer long! Hey, who says I can’t try. I have started collecting cute little finds along the way and putting a buzz out there on Facebook and my lovely friends have been sending me lots of gray and yellow treats my way. So here is to you gray and yellow. May you fill my closet with lots of yumminess! Let the journey begin.

Found these lovelies on ebay! The dress and the shoes. Love me some vintage!

Eyeing these bad boys a friend sent to me, only if I didn’t have to walk! So the flats might work out better for shoots!

My future conquests!

Planning the wedding I never had now that I have found my colors! Let’s just do it fast before mt new favorite colors are sterling silver and coco brown.NOT

Now couldn’t you just picture me shooting a wedding in this cute little number… Yes, me too!

Photo of the Day | Upper Marlboro, MD Baby Photographer

I just finished this session with this little cutie and his cousin and couldn’t resist posting this one from the session today. Thanks MOM for allowing allowing him to snack on those toes!

My baby turned 9!

Being the youngest child of three Zai Zai got a little short changed in the birthday party department. After throwing party year after year for the other two wore a mother out! So when this sweet little boy comes along who never complains we kinda forgot about big blow out birthday parties. So this year I tried to make it up to him by celebrating all weekend!. We started out Friday with a cupcake party at school, then later the big party at Laugh Out Loud.Full of laser tag, moon bounce, balladium and so much fun. Saturday was a day of fun with family and friends and a cook out at the park for a minute as we were chased back in because it decided to be winter that day. To top it all off he received TONS of cards by REGULAR mail (can you believe that still exists) which he sat and read each and every one to us. Oh and how can we forget for a boy that LOVES McDonalds, a 3d cake of his favorite meal good enough to eat! Thanks to everyone and I mean EVERYONE who made April 17, 2010 so special for my little joy. One that he will cherish and remember for a lifetime. He has a special little something coming your way that he came up with all on his own so be on the look out!

LOL Stations. A cool spot especially on a Friday when you pretty much have the whole place to yourself!

This Balladium was a lot of fun to watch between ducking in between shots.

Laser tag fun!

Cake #1

It’s rare you see mommy on the other side! Thanks Tamara!

Now who blew out the candles…Hmmmm

Say cheese Zai!

Cards STILL coming in the mail. Blessed!

Yes, that is a cake and everything is edible and was oooh soooo good!

Good enough to eat. Makes me think of that corny chicken nugget commercial

Love is in the air | Washington, DC Newborn Photographer

When I first met this couple to do their maternity shoot I knew I was in for a treat so when they said they wanted newborn photos as well I felt like I just got a 2 scoop cone from Bawskin Robbins. Their love for each other is so evident from the moment you meet them. Like too teenagers in love not to mention they still look like teenagers. When Baby Madison arrived it was love at first sight. I throughly enjoyed capturing their love fest. Thank you for welcoming me in and I look forward to capturing Madison’s 1st year of life

She is definately daddies little princess.

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Senior Life ~ Lady Kiara Class of 2010

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Lady Kiara recently and she blew me away. She was a total natural in front of the camera with her many different expressions and looks. She so reminded me of a famous actress with her natural beauty and killer style. But with a mama like hers who had glam on lockdown, what more can you ask for. Thanks Kiara for being so open to try just about ANYTHING! We had a ball! Thanks mom for loaning me your mini me so I can soak up the fab for just a moment! It was well worth it!

Don’t you just love her moles. SO cute!

I was feeling a little bit of Anthropologie here

Finally got my favorite chair outdoors and she rocked it!

Classic beauty

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