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Celebrating You: Patricia

Now here is the beautiful Patricia celebrating fabulouly 40!

Celebrating You: Notashia

Ms. Notashia is celebrating being 30 as well!

To see more of Notashia’s slideshow click below.

It’s ok to celebrate YOU!

Lately I have been having a few women coming in for photo shoots just to celebrate their birthday’s. SO they got all dolled up, brought in a trunk load of clothes and had their own little model moment. It was so fantabulous! I think it’s great that women take it upon themselves to go ahead and celebrate THEM. I mean who else is gonna do it if you don’t. We often think that it’s only time to take photographs if it’s with another person whether it’s your family, your honey bunny, your friends. But sometimes you just need to do something for YOU and take a look at the photos at the end and say. “Look at the foxy mama, oh that’s ME. Don’t I look HOT”. Next you get a huge 20×30 of your favorite photo and mount it on your wall. Then you make copies and pass them out to your family and friends so they can celebrate you too. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s not called being vain, it’s called celebrating YOU. So don’t be afraid, just do it!

So I’ll start with Ms. Tameka who is celebrating turning 30! Work it Ms Lady!

To see more from her shoot click below

Everyday Moments Photo Contest

So I was going through some old photos recently and it made me realize how many candid moments I HAD of my kids just being kids…that is until a few years ago when I dove into this passion of mine called photography and decided to make it a business. Now those candid everyday moments are far and few between. Now my kids run from me because I abused them with my camera by making them my faithful subjects for every new technique I came across. Well, I have challenged myself to start over and collect those everyday moments once again! They will thank me when they get older I’m sure.

So with that I would like to challenge you to do the same and to make it a little juicier I would like to pose a little contest. Send me your juiciest, funniest, heartfelt everyday moment. It doesn’t have to be perfectly exposed or even in focus but it must evoke some type of emotion.  When you send it tell me in one line what it means to you. You have until Monday, March 29 to submit your photos and the winner will receive a gift certificate for a spring fling photo session (value $200) as well as  a cool mini album (value $175) to hold those captured moments. Send your photos to winner will be announced here on the blog on Wednesday, March 31.

So if you’re down for the challenge let’s do it! Maybe this will spark something in you to remember to cherish those everyday moments even if you have a box camera from the drugstore, capture it. Here are some of my everday moments that just warmed my heart and made me laugh and smile.

Laid back enjoying some sun. Gotta love it. Makes me warm just looking at it!

My little cousin studying hard as we were getting ready to go to the pool.

They had so much fun together. Gotta get them together more often.

This was so funny! Before wii my kids had a hula hoop contest. They got all the way up in the 100s! Whew

Who needs a car wash when you have this beautiful specimen of a man!

The child has major swagga!

Joys of the First Child

So you know how it is. The first child gets all the good stuff. The first birthday blow out with clowns and face painting and the works. All the best toys. Can’t forget all the best clothes and shoes a baby would ever need. So needless to say the first child is usually spoiled rotten. Come on, we all know it. By the time the third one gets here you’re all worn out from parties and games and can’t look at another pair of sneakers that he gets a little short changed (sorry my Isaiah but you know mommy loves you:-()

So I have been shooting this first born since birth and he has had more photo shoots than most adults have had in their lifetime. Mommy loves her nu nu butt! So I just knew his one year old shoot was going to be outta this world. When mommy walked in with the first bag and then went back to the car for his second bag I knew we were in for a baby fashion show and boy did this little model know how to work a runway. Love you Kyri! Here’s to your first birthday! You can look back at these photos when you get older and say, “I had mad baby swagger. WHAT!”

So you know when the shoe box stash looks like this it’s about to be ON! He even thought it was funny!

He looks like he’s saying “What in the world am I doing in here???”

Disclaimer: No baby was hurt in the making of this photograph. He’s a trooper!

Little old man.

Even though mommy refused to be in any photos I snuck her in. Love this shot awwwwww!

Don’t touch my lollipop!

So good to know he loves himself!