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Love and Marriage

They have been together for over 10 years. Through thick and thin they have remained above all things…FRIENDS. not just any ol kind of friend but BFF's for life. The way he looks at her and she laughs, the way she touches his cheek and he grins. The little inside jokes that they would say to one another with only their eyes. Wow, that's what love is.

As I was going through my digital frames I couldn't figure out why I took so many photos of these two.  Come on, it's just an engagement session right. I mean double the normal amount. WHEW! Then it dawned on me. In just the few hours that we spent together they took me through the life cycle of a marriage relationship. From courtship, to the blissful I Do's, to the challenging times to come back again and laugh again. Even to the point of growing old together. I saw all of this in each frame that I shot of them. It was like the grew old together right before my eyes. I just love photo stories and I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I did.

Arron and Erika, it is my pleasure to watch you guys through my lens and I cannot WAIT to capture your wedding but most of all I can't wait to capture your 50th wedding anniversary with all of your kids and grand kids all around. Can you feel the love?

Boy meets girl…


He makes her laugh…


She says YES!


They plan their future together as man and wife…


They experience challenges together…and yet they stand



Only to relish in the joys of life…with one another…


She is his African Queen….


And he is her King…


Together they will reign as one. A&E forever eva.


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Your kids are My kids

Needless to say these little girls in this post hold a special place in my heart.  They all went to school with my kids and each of them shared a classroom with each of my own children. They have spent so much time together throughout the years and this school year without them has been a little on the yucky side. I mean I was ready to go back to arranged marriages and pay a dowry for the oldest to marry my son. I figure better to keep it close and at least know they future wife was not only gorgeous and smart but came from the coolest most down to earth loving family. So here's to you Mama Dot and your beautiful loving sassy girls who we miss so much! MUAH!

Dots kids collage






Who wouldn't do a pre arranged marriage with this beauty!




Loves these ladies!


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