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Finally 40

So, just to take one look at this young lady you would think. Oh no..she is not nearly 40. Can't be! Yup, this beautiful young lady will be turning 40 very soon and to commemorate this grand event she had me snap some pictures of her. I felt like I was working with one of my high school seniors, not to mention that I had photographed her 19 year old daughter a few times before. I just knew the mama was gonna BRING IT! So with a little help from her baby girl this hot mama came out of her conservative shell and BROUGHT IT!

This is what turning 40 should be all about! Live your life like it's golden Theresa!








To see more of her fabulosity click here for the slideshow.

Sharing the LOVE!

Hi everyone! We're so excited to introduce our first ever mini session ….a special just in time for Valentine’s Day! To make it even sweeter, all, yes I said ALL proceeds raised will go directly to an orphanage in Haiti that a dear friend-client of mine is in the process of helping to rebuild after the earthquake. If you have been keeping up with the blog the last few weeks, you will remember that I had a chance to visit Haiti and as a result of the devastating earthquake I just want to do all that I can to help them to rebuild.  

These mini sessions will be abbreviated 20 minute sessions with 10-20 images
posted for you to view in an online gallery the very next day!  The images will be creatively fun, as usual,  and capture all of you and or your child’s wonderful expressions.

The session will include one 8×10, two 5x7s and you can choose between custom designed 4×5 double sided Valentine Cards (20) OR
a 10×20 “LOVE”  collage.
Your child will be the coolest kid in the school with custom Valentine's Day cards with their beautiful image on it. How cool is that! The collages are
perfect for those of you who might not be handing out cards or want
something to brighten up your desk space at work…they are also the P-E-R-F-E-C-T thing to surprise dad (or mom!…HINT HINT) with on Valentine’s Day!!:)

Sessions will be offered one day only….Sunday, January 31st, 9am to 5pm! Location and more details will be sent to you upon inquiry.  Only 10 SESSIONS
are available so contact me to reserve your session right away! Book your session by clicking here. If you need more information or just wanna chat more about it shoot
me an email or call 202-257-3458. 

Here are just a few of the cards we have to offer!

Card 1

 Card 2

Card 3 

Card 4 

Card 5  


P.S. For those not so little kids (couples, singles, doggies) you
can join in on the fun too! Just shoot us an email for more information
on how you can share the love.

Also, for previous clients who have
already had their photograph taken feel free to contact us on ordering
your customized Vday cards and products as well!

  A few more details:

  • Sessions will be limited to 20 minutes.
  • Images from the session will be posted within one day.
  • Orders
    will be due Friday February 5th,
  • Ready to pick up February 10th.
  • A variety of Valentine props will be available for use.
  • Check and for some funky fresh VDay gear.


Haiti WILL Rise Again

I was so honored not more than a month ago to travel to Haiti and
photograph a beautiful Christening. But while I was there I was able to
see the sights and see what Haiti was all about. What I came to find
out is it’s not as fearful as people made it seem. I wasn’t scared for
my life and I felt at peace. Although it is said to be the poorest
country in the Western Hemisphere I tell you one thing, it was wealthy
with treasured culture and beautiful people.

I was relieved to know that my new found family in Haiti are ok after experiencing not only the earthquake but the many many aftershocks as well as the most recent earthquake of 6.0 just this morning and
eager to help them as they help the people there who were deeply
affected by this tragedy.

Seeing all the
tragic pictures lately on the news and the net after the devastating
earthquake has made me pull out my own memories of the Haiti I came to
know and love. I know one thing, God is awesome and I pray for all the
families and friends who were affected by this earthquake in anyway. I
do know this, Haiti WILL rise out of this tragedy.

Let’s not stop praying and helping any way we can to rebuild Haiti to even better and stronger than it was before. Please help
Haiti in their time of need. You can donate $5 by texting YELE to
501501 or get more info by visiting



Here is a little show from my journey through this beautiful country.

Look how we love!

Just looking at this wonderful family makes me smile. They just ooze love out of their very being. I enjoyed photographing them so much I wanted to put the camera down and join in on all the fun lovin. The littlest one tried to give me a run for my money and not let me see his pearly whites but he couldn't resist my cuteness.

 Get ready for the warm fuzzies!







Natural model!






See how they love each other!


All the way to Haiti to Photograph a Princess

So 2009 ended with a bang bang BOOGIE! I have the most wonderful clients and these particular clients love me so much they flew me all the way to Haiti to capture their little princess' Christening and first Christmas! Oh boy oh boy! How did I get so blessed! You mean to tell me I get to work and play and play some more because when I work I have way too much fun!

Thank you Fritz and Johanne for welcoming me into your BEAUTIFUL home and allowing me playtime with Little Princess Chloe.  She is such a sweet baby and deserves absolutely everything her royal highness desires! I swear when I come back I will bring her crown! XOXOXO



Isn't she just gorgeous!


This is her palace.







A little touch of vintage in paradise.


Now on her throne.







It's a wrap, nite nite! 


To see more click here for a slideshow of the grand affair!