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Peace…Love…and Awesome Newborns

Early this week the coolest little newborn mozied into the studio to have photographs taken. Now only being a little over a week old and weighing in at a little under 8 pounds he didn't have much to say out of his mouth but boy did he have a lot to say with his body language. He must have known about my inner flower child. Here's to the coolest newborn dude around….Peace..Love..and Happiness.

Mom, thanks so much for trusting me with little "j". He rocked my world and I can't wait to watch him grow!


This was just too much for me!


Showing me his muscles.






Story copy

Didn’t Know Turning Two Was So Much Fun!

Little "C". Everytime I meet him I know I am in for a good time. The first time we met was last year at his one year shoot and my oh my did I have a good time. He wore me out then and he wore me out this time around but it was way worth it! I tell you what, if turning two is THIS much fun, I am willing to get into a time traveling machine to do it all over again.

Thanks Mr. "C" for such a rowdy good time and thanks mom and dad for giving s yet another play date!

Such a lovely welcome.  


This child really knows how to have a good time.


Chasing bubbles, this photograph says so much to me




Peek a boo!



Love the fact that he still enjoys looking at his album from last year.. Smiles!




SCORE! Celebration!!


Silly kid. You make me smile!


To see more of this cute kid click here for his video storybook



Groove is in the heart!

In my former life…(high school)… I was what you would call a flower child. I mean I had the platform shoes, the bell bottoms straight  from the thrift store, the go go boots and even the flip doo to go with it all. Get this, I had the most sought after outfit with artificial flowers on the bottom of my bellbottoms and my funky vest. Yes..I was a hippie! Straight up. Even won most outrageous dresser in high school. So you wonder why I was so excited to make my days of old come to life in this newborn shoot. My queen supreme was the one and only Deee Lite. I was her mini me.

Little "L" here was so alert and attentive. For a brand new baby she followed me like a hawk and even smiled some for me! She must have also been a flower child in a former life because we had a very special bond. Awww. I could not pay this one to go to sleep, I think she liked my GROOVE! 

Here's to you my flower power mama! GROOVY BABY! !








Attention iPhone users!

You are part of a special elite crew. You are special…why…because you own an iPhone and we all know when you own an iPhone you must be a very very special person.  Hee HEE. Here at The Captured Life are doing a new thing. For those of you who are asking.."Hmph, what's so special about an iPhone. It's just another fancy phone." But can your "phone" play your special TCL video storybook…hmmmm.

For all our iPhone users we are now offering your special video storybook for your iPhone. What's better than to have your treasured slideshow from your most precious moment on you at all times to share with friends and family. If you want to get your hands on this goodie please shoot me an email or call the studio to find out more details.  Here is one beautiful video storybook from a recent wedding we had. Nickia and Lawrence…yours is on it's way!

P.S. they also can be formatted for your iPod or iPod touch but iPhones are so much cooler:-)

Lawrence and Nickia

Looky who’s turning 1!!

I have had a slew of 1 year olds lately and this one here takes the cake…LITERALLY! I always have fun photographing little "J" and this time I just knew I was going to wear…him…out! But HA, he is walking now and this old lady just couldn't keep up. "J" threw me for a loop and I must say I..GOT..SERVED and you know what, it was all worth it. Happy 1st birthday Mommy and Daddy. Thanks for allowing me to capture this treasured moment once again in your lives. Can't wait to come to VA Beach to catch him at 2 chasing seagulls!

Nothing like a little foot in your cake..YUM!



Is he not GAWGEOUS or WHAT!



Little green monster


awww …






You can have whatever you like Jake!




Gotta go, have an important date with my honey..


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