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Beautiful Boy

So my wonderful friend/baby scout Rachael (mom to this beautiful boy) came to me one day and said "You have got to meet this little boy, he is so beautiful!" So I'm thinking, if Rachael is saying this then it must be true. So she puts me in contact with mom and we schedule the shoot.  I know as a mom I am biased, but I have some beautiful kids. I mean my first born was such a gorgeous, gorgeous baby and I just knew I had the most beautiful baby in the world. That is until I met "C". My mouth literally dropped. This beautiful little 1 year old runs to me and extends his arms out for a hug the moment we met.  I couldn't believe it. It was love at first sight and with those eyes of his I would have emptied out my bank account and bought him whatever he wanted. As soon as the session was over I called Rachael and said "You were right, he is beautiful". More than anything he is beautiful inside. He is the most fun loving, easy going, huggable, happy kid a girl could dream for.

Mom, thanks for sharing your bundle of joy with me as he is truly that. I look forward to watching your family grow and enjoying my new assumed role as Photo Auntie! I'll gladly be at the front door with a stick when he's a teen beating those little girls off!


Magical I say..Magical!


You can't get me!


He could have anything he wanted from me with this look.




Nothing like Mommy kisses.





He won me over with this one.



I'm outta here!


Party's over!

Sleepy Baby

To see more of my new friend click here

A sunset wedding by the water

One of the best things about weddings for TCL is that it gives us the opportunity to reunite.  Since 2006 we've been separated by 800 miles so weddings always allows us to come back together to share in what we are both so passionate about, capturing those precious moments in the lives of our clients!  This beautiful Memorial Day weekend we did just that for a beautiful bride and her handsome groom (with much swagger) by the water at the gorgeous National Harbor on Saturday.  Here is a sneak peek of the lovely pair.  More to come!!!

Kieth & Michele (7 of 8)copy

Kieth & Michele (3 of 8)copy

Kieth & Michele (4 of 8)copy

Kieth & Michele (5 of 8)copy

Kieth & Michele (8 of 8)copy

 (1 of 1)copy

Confidence….with a smile

You know, it's not often that I get a man who actually LIKES to take photos.  Usually it's like pulling teeth to get the male species behind my camera even for a brief moment. I mean my own husband runs from me when I come at him with a camera, which might explain why we have not had a family photo in over 6 years (note to self)

I usually hear the same ol thing, "Oh, I don't like to take pictures".."I'm not photogenic". That is until they realize that they have not been dragged to the Picture People or Sears and forced to… say it with me …"Say Cheese!". But lately I have been getting a lot of guys who is just au natural and comfortable with himself and the person behind the camera. Comfortable enough to just be himself and let me do my job.
This one's for you Marcus! Sorry ladies….he's taken:-)






Flip Flops and Friends

There is nothing like a good pair a flip flops and an even better friend to go with them.  Last week I got an early birthday gift in the mail from a very good friend, business partner, sister.  I opened it with the excitement of a kid on Christmas and low and behold not one, not two but four pair of my favorite flip flops in the world! "Havaianas!" I screamed. If you have not tried these flip flops you must! They are like heaven for your toesies and they make your feet look so darn HOT! They come in so many styles and fun colors too.  But most of all they came from someone who I care dearly about and obviously cares dearly about me as well to get me such a wonderful, thoughtful early birthday gift. 

Renae, I miss not having you here in MD but I guess it pays off when you get yummy stuff like this in the mail.  Love you my friend!
So I'll end this with the wise words from the Golden Girls…(add your own melody here)
~~~Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant.
And if you through a party
Invited everyone you ever knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend. ~~~~

So I got them home and we had a little photo shoot of our own with my new friends.






Baby Makes 3

I had the pleasure of meeting Kenyada and her family on Saturday.  Such a beautiful family and full of life.  They made for a great maternity shoot!  The location which was found by, and I must give credit to Brandon, was simply gorgeous.  I will be back!  Thank you guys for letting me capture such a precious moment in you lives.  Can't wait until baby gets here next month.  See you then!

Kenyada Maternity blog 6

Kenyada Maternity blog

Kenyada Maternity blog 5

Kenyada Maternity blog 3

Kenyada Maternity 5

Had to end with Miss "K" telling me bye bye.  No I wasn't quite done yet.  Maybe it's hello?  LOL!

Kenyada Maternity blog2