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Photo Stories

I know I know.  Where
the heck have I been!  I have been
missing in action but all for good reason. 
Have been photographing some wonderful weddings and crazy cool kids and
sweet and fresh newborns! I must first apologize to all the blog fans and promise
to make it up to ya with some fun stuff to come.  But lately I have just been trying to get
back to why I really love photography and doing what I am so blessed and able
to do.  It all started with these three
little munchkins who I like to call my kids. I’ve always had a camera around
with me just catching them doing silly stuff or crying or pouting.  But the main thing was, I was capturing their
life as it was.  Not perfectly posed or
with the right outfit on but just as they were. 
Lately I had gotten away from that and just felt like there was a part
missing from my photo life.  I mean I
love being able to accomplish this with everyone else’s kids and loved ones but
just have missed the mark with my own babies. 
As I was going through my archives of photos throughout the years I came
upon these photos that really spoke to me. 
That’s what I love about photography, it always tells a story.  A story of love, happiness, sadness, fear.
Whatever it is, it tells that story in which you can remember forever! So with
that being said you are in for a journey this year as I make it my goal to do just
that with your family as well as my own.  Keep that in mind when you are looking through
your babies photos and remember how you feel and what the photo is saying to
you. Now, Tell me what you think THESE photos are saying to YOU!

I can jump in these puddles and not worry about mom killing me..FREEDOM
Florida Vacation 221

Ahhhh.  The joys of life and water!…RELAXATION!
Girls experience 2 438

No worries.This is the life.
Girls experience 2 465

I gotcha now…Please don't through me in…PLEASE!!!

Girls experience 2 508

The best vacation we've had in years!
Vacation book cover

Live Forever 2009!…..Drumroll Please

We would  like to
thank ALL of you who submitted an entry for this wonderful contest. We see that
photography  means an awful lot to an
awful lot of people.  There were some very heartwarming and touching entries and we had such a good time reading them all but we had to choose a winner…And  the winner is…Lauren Robbins from Lithonia, GA!!!  Woooo Hoooo!!! Here is her entry:

"Photography to me
means shared remembrances of good times and not so good times. Photography
allows me to go back in time and smile all over again.  Sometimes
photography will lead me shed a tear. Photography brings people together at different
points in their life and allows them to share.  Photography allows me to
see my flowers in bloom during the dead of winter. Photography to me allows
sharing of major milestones in our history. Photography to me is sharing in its
truest form."

To refresh your memory she has won….a photo session with all the negatives, a digital photo frame to
display her digital images and a beautiful archived DVD slide show.
Congratulations Lauren and enjoy making your own memories that will last for
lifetimes to come.

But there’s more!!!We had three
top finalists who will be receiving complimentary photo sessions and a brag
book.  They are:

Yolanda Anderson

Krissah Thompson

Donna Baldwin

So we’ll be in contact to set
up your photo sessions!!!  And since I
can never do a post without a photo here’s one 
little girl cheering you on!