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Jashia 09

Jashia 09

I've had the pleasure of knowing Jashia since she was about ahhh maybe 6 or 7, I lost contact with her family when they moved to NC about 3 years ago.  So when I got a call from her Mom to tell me she was a "Senior in High School", and she wanted me to do her Senior Pictures, I was floored!  Mom it was so great to here from you after so many years.  Thank you for bringing Jashia down from NC to the ATL so I could shoot her, LOL!  We had such a great time from climbing on abandoned tractor trailers to running from ponies filled with bugs we had a blast.  Oh, I can't forget getting bit (me) by fire ants in the process, but I wouldn't trade for the world.  Much success to you in the future and good luck on your modeling career.  You are ready girl!








Cherish this Moment

I love photographing new moms! It always brings me back to
the moment when I was a new mom and if I could only go back in time to be able
to capture that moment in this way I would. 
This couple had that new baby glow all over them.  You could tell they were excited and anxious
to meet their new little one.  It was
written all over their faces.  Mom glowed
with that baby glow that we all wish we could put in a bottle and douse it all
over us like baby oil.  There are soooo
many photographs to choose from so here is a little sneak peek. Their little
bun is in for a treat when they are welcomed into the world by so much love.

Mom and Dad! Thanks for allowing me a peek into your love
fest and I can’t wait to do part 2 when your little bundle arrives!













To view more from their session click here for their Video Storybook.

Crazy In Love

These two love birds are so adorable.  I always say that the truth about relationships can be told in a photo session.  You can "say" how much you love someone, but the camera lens doesn't lie.  If the love is there it will show in the interaction of the couple.  It was apparent from the time we met these two that love was in the air.  In addition to that, we had constant comedic entertainment from the groom himself.  Cas you definitely missed your calling as a comedian.  Hilarious!  Thanks to the both of you for allowing us to capture one of the most important days of your lives.  We know your images will be ones for you to enjoy for many years to come.  Congratulations to Cas & Sheryl.  Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon!!!  Here's a sneak peek of your beautiful wedding day!

View their visual storybook by clicking here.

_MG_0051 1


_MG_0130 1


_MG_0003 2


_MG_0062 1





View their visual storybook by clicking here.

Kristi and the Bojangles!!!

No, this is not Kimora @ age 12.  Although I would have loved to have that opportunity, but who knows where this young lady will go!  Can't talk long.  Literally on my way out the door for a wedding shoot but just had to do this post before I left.  Thanks Kristi for such a great shoot, thanks Mom for letting us have our time.  She was a doll to work with.  I look forward to many sessions in the future:).  Have a great weekend everyone!

Since you were so excited about them I thought I'd start off with Your Bojangles!!!




_MG_1064Mariah storyboard