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What Time Is It? GAME TIME!!!

Although, this blog has absolutely nothing to do with football, (stay tuned because it is that season) I couldn’t resist. For those of you who are not football fans or don’t have the pleasure of having boys (or girls) in little league football, this is one of the more popular chants between team mates. Again, this blog has nothing to do with football but, I thought I share some history of where that title came from LOL! Well then what in the heck is this blog about? It’s game time! Shall we play? Ok. Below you will find a post of a pic that has been slightly distorted, it is up to you to determine what this is an actual picture of. Feel free to leave as many comments below as you would like to guess the contents of the pic. We will keep the game going until the first person guesses correctly. The winner will receive $30 gift card from Target. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!! All can play. We thought this would be pretty fun. Tosh and I had the opportunity to play with our friend and talented photographer Patrice Nelson with Beautiful Life Images, Southern Cal. Tosh won! I don’t know what I was thinking with my responses, but it was fun trying. So we figured we give our blog family a chance to do the same. Remember to click on the comment link below to leave your guess. Whoever guesses correctly first will win the gift card. Good Luck and HAPPY guessing!

******NEW POST ADDED**********

Ok, I’ve been told that this pic is a little difficult so I am going to give a couple of hints.

  • There is more than one thing in the photo.  3 to be exact.  One is a toy, one you can eat (but don’t chase it with a cola) the third will make you HAPPY and is one of my FAVORITE.  There is more than one of each.
  • You can make a splash!

Now this is new to me and the only way I know that I’m doing a good job is if you atleast attempt to guess by leaving a comment.  Who doesn’t love Target and would want a gift card?  Keep guessing!


*a quick football note, practice started today and it was hot as crap. more later.

I thee wed..Orlando, FL

So just got back from a wedding in beautiful sunny, rainy, sunny again Orlando, FL.  It was a blast.  Did you know that the world’s largest McDonald’s was located right across the street from the resort!  Can you say Heaven! I know I am sick.  But this wedding was held at the beautiful Wyndham Orlando Resort.  It was magical.  The grounds were breathtaking (besides the little geckos running around like the own the place..but hey that’s Florida for you). 

What can I say. This couple have been waiting for this moment for a very long time and it’s good to see it all come together is such a beautiful way.  So here is just a little sneak peek into the glorious day.  Lots more in the slideshow to come soon.

Mommy and daughter moment…precious


This is what happens when the bride is a make up artist and can do her own make up!



Blink blink!

Oldest daughter

Youngest daughter

Beautiful bride



A tribute to her mom who recently passed away.  She was an amazing woman!






The threatening clouds were a bit intimidating to this outdoor wedding but it held up for us just in time for her to walk down the aisle, say their vows and take a couple of photos then as you know in rained like kittens and puppies!

Her youngest brother walked her down the aisle…


While her oldest brother met her at the end and they both gave her away.  Precious.

The groom made everyone cry.  It was so emotional.

I now pronounce you..husband and wife!

Lots more to come in the slideshow on the lookout! I won’t keep you waiting long…promise!

New Gadget

Check out this newfound gadget! Gotta love anything related to iPhone. Thanks Jessica Claire!!

Who’s That Guy?

Ok, this may be a little corny and I may be the only one that knows this, but in the late 80′s there was a part 2 to Grease. Yes! Grease 2 was my FAVORITE movie at the time. Of course it was a musical and I knew every, and I mean every song (still do). One which was called “Who’s That Guy”. The movie was about “Michael” who was from England was a geek and was in love with “Stephanie” the leader of the “Pink Ladies” who was played by the never aging Michelle Pfeiffer. Anyway, to win her heart he learned how to ride a motorcycle and was this very cool guy who no one new his identity because of his helmet. Why am I telling you all of this. Yesterday I had over my very good friend “L’s” two sons. The youngest had asked “Can we go dirt bike riding?” I explained to him all that was entailed with going dirt bike riding and why we could not do it today but the next time we go I will be sure to take him along. A few minutes went by and I didn’t hear him. Those of us with boys understand this statement very well. So I went into the garage, low and behold “little P” fully dressed in dirt bike gear from head to toe. Instantly, my first thought was Michelle Pfeiffer singing “Who’s That Guy” LOL! I got my camera (of course) and decided to document this event just for you “L” because you couldn’t be there. I would need all day to express how much fun this delightful little guy is. He reminds me so much of my son at his age. Always entertaining, never a dull moment. Thank you so much “L” for allowing your 2 little guys to come over and spend the day with us we had so much fun! Also, thanks for being a great friend, it seems like we’ve know each other forever. Can’t wait for FOOTBALL! TTYL!








Who let the dog out!

Although this is not an actual "child", this is SOMEone’s kid!  Aaren is the kid of my friend Nicole and I wanted to see how different it is to shoot a dog from shooting kids so we went on a little walk.  Couldn’t be that much different right. They both do what they want to do no matter whether you’re trying to get them to sit still and smile so you really just have to let them go and do them.  That is exactly what Aaren did.  She is such a shutter bug.  She did things that her mommy said she never does and all for me.  I mean that is what kids usually do anyway when they get around me and my camera…they totally turn it up a notch because they know they are going to be stars!  So enjoy this episode about the kid called Aaren (yes, she is a girl!). Don’t worry friends…we will not run off and become pet photos r us or anything but I will say Aaren was a lot of fun..and so were you Nicole!










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