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Danny + Krissah

Danny and Krissah.  I had so much fun with them in Wheaton last week.  They are a couple full of fun and laughter but also know how to love and care for one another.  Their love and respect is so evident even from the first moment you meet them.  Since I cannot put words together as beautifully as Krissah I will just have to show you with a visual.  Danny and Krissah I cannot WAIT to take part in your wedding next month!  I know I am in for a RIDE of a LIFETIME!  Love you guys!








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K+R Coming Soon

Richard and Keisha were the most relaxed couple I could meet.  Such a stress free wedding!  You could just see the love they have for each other and their family and friends were a true testament to that. Richard and Keisha…enjoy the rest of your lives together you all made me feel so comfortable and just like family at your wedding.

**Update: It was just too hard to decide on a "few" to post here on the blog so I had to make a slideshow.  Click here to enjoy! 




Can I Have a Photoshoot?

So it was Sunday and my oldest son Tahj had just come in from playing outside.  I am ferociously in the kitchen trying to prepare the meals for the week when he says, "Ma, can you do a photo shoot of me and Zai, we look GOOD today" You can only imagine my surprise.  Not by the fact that they look good (if I do say so myself) but the fact that my kids, a photographers kids, who I usually have to PAY to let me photograph them is now requesting a photo shoot!  So I did what any mother/photographer would do. I turned the heat on the stove down to low and grabbed my camera!  I mean come one this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!!  The shoot lasted all but 30 minutes but it was enough for me!