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Oh to be an Auntie!

I recently became a new auntie.  My brother just had his first child (well his wife did:))and I am so excited!  Good genes obviously run in our family LOL.  Isn’t he adorable and that head full of hair!  Congrats, little brother on your bundle of joy.  It’s weird becoming an adult and seeing life through the eyes of a parent.  There has definitely been a changing of the guards.  You should be proud of all your accomplishments.  I will check in a couple of months to see if you are still fascinated with changing pampers.  TFL!

Img_0523_3  Img_0526


Such a Super Model

Did I tell you how much I love shooting babies?  OMG, can you say darling!  I had so much fun on this shoot.  I don’t think I’ve had this much fun since shooting my own babies (and it’s been years).  This little super model came all the way from Norfolk, VA with her dad for this shoot and was working it!  He was such a "Superdad" assisting with hair and wardrobe:). It was a long shoot with many feedings and naps in between, but I had a ball.  Would do it again if I could.




Dad couldn’t decide which outfit for her modeling debut, so he brought them all LOL!Img_0315_4



And this is your last frame, make it count.  FIERCE!


Hope to see you soon!

I photographed this adorable guy a few months ago.  I had a lot of fun with this shoot.  Little boys (and girls) are very honest at this age.  I love how they are not afraid to tell me "I’m done" or "let’s keep going".  He and his family relocated recently and it hurt me too my heart to see them go.  Such a wonderful family and one of the greatest kids you could every meet.  He has a beautiful personality and will be missed dearly.  "C", I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.  Hope to see you in March when I come to town!





2008-The year of New Beginnings!

The Captured Life formally "John Francis Photography".  Why the change?  Well, using our last names "John"son and "Francis" we thought "John Francis" was the perfect name for 2 female photographers in a field dominated by males.  It was great in the beginning, people really believed that we worked for "Mr. John Francis".  Eventually we realized something, Mr. John Francis may not be the first considered when photographing families and children our target market.  Being mothers ourselves we know exactly what most mothers want to see in an album or on a family room wall.  This is how we became "The Captured Life".  This best describes our  work, our art.  It is our goal to continue to deliver our best to our clients.  We are excited about 2008, our new beginning and look forward to all that "Life" has to offer.  Say hello to our poster child.  This little cutie will be the face of "The Captured Life" in our opening marketing campaign.  Stay tuned to see who will be next.  TFL.